Christmas和New Year Holiday照常營業. 1月13號星期一公司舉辦尾牙,暫停營業一天.

Christmas and New Year Holiday hours will operate as normal. January 13,2020 (Monday) will be closed due to staff year-end party.

The Bubble Tea Story

Tapioca Milk Tea, also Known as Bubble Tea

Tapioca Milk Tea, also Known as Bubble Tea is a fairy tale in Taiwanese Tea industry. Although it seems easy to add pearls into the Milk Tea, it has become a trademark for Taiwanese’s beverage. With 10 years of hard work, confidence, improved knowledge and huge support from the customers, No.1 Beef Noodle House is now giving back to the customer and is proud to present a whole new drink and food menu, and new appearance at the restaurant. No.1 Beef Noodle House will guarantee a great experience of food and drinks and service at a comfortable atmosphere.


We offer delivery service for the best of your convenience right to your doorstep

Sweetness Can Be Modified

Sweet Perfection
Less Sweet 80%
Half Sweet 50%
Little Sweet 30%
No Sweet Healthy

Ice Level Can Be Modified

Full Ice Perfection
Less ice 80%
Half Ice 50%
Little Ice 30%
No Ice Healthy

Mini Pearls
Coconut Jelly
Grass Jelly
Mango Stars
Mini Taro Balls
Ice Cream
Agar Jelly
Lemon Jelly
Red Bean
Wheat Germ