N1. 私房牛肉麵 $11.50
Special home style beef shank noodle soup
N2. 半筋半肉麵 $12.75
Tendon & beef shank noodle soup
N3. 三寶麵 (牛肉.牛筋.牛肚) $13.75
Mix beef noodle soup (beef shank,tendon & tripe)
N4. 蕃茄牛肉麵 $11.95
Beef shank & tomato noodle soup
N5. 餛飩牛肉麵 $12.75
Beef shank & wontons noodle soup
N6. 全家福牛肉麵 $13.75
House special noodle soup (Beef Shank, Tendon & Wonton)
N7. 餛飩麵 $10.75
Wontons noodle soup
N8. 雪菜(肉絲/鮮魚)麵 $10.75
Preserved cabbage with shredded (pork/fish)noodle soup
N9. 喇沙海鮮湯麵 $12.25
Laksa seafood noodle soup
N10. 喇沙套餐 (排骨/雞排/鹽酥雞/海南雞/魷魚鬚) $14.25
Laksa noodle soup with (pork chop/boneless chicken leg/salty peppery chicken/Hainanese chicken/deep fried squid tentacles)
N11. 古早味乾拌麵 $9.95
Meat sauce noodle
N12. 香辣牛肉乾拌麵 $11.25
Spicy beef noodle with marinated sauce
N13. 台式炒米粉 $11.95
Taiwanese style fried rice vermicelli
N14. 星州炒米粉 $11.95
Singapore style fried rice vermicelli
N15. 台式炒油麵 (牛/羊(+$1)/豬/雞/海鮮) $11.95
Taiwanese style fried egg noodle (beef/lamb(+$1)/pork/chicken/seafood)
N16. 招牌炒刀削麵 (牛/羊(+$1)/豬/雞/海鮮) $12.25
House special fried sliced noodles (beef/lamb(+$1)/pork/chicken/seafood)
N17. 韓式泡菜炒刀削麵 (牛/羊(+$1)/豬/雞/海鮮) $12.25
Korean kimchi fried sliced noodles (beef/lamb(+$1)/pork/chicken/seafood)
N18. 酸辣麵 $11.25
Hot and sour noodle soup
N19. 夜市羊肉羮麵/燴飯 $11.75
Traditional Taiwanese lamb meat thick soup with egg noodle/on rice
N20. 陽春麵 (排骨/雞排/鹽酥雞/魷魚鬚) $12.50
Vegetable noodles soup with (pork chop/boneless chicken leg/salty peppery chicken/deep fried squid tentacles)
N21. 柱侯(牛肉/牛雜)麵/燴飯 $11.95
Chu-Hou braised beef shank/mixed beef noodle soup/on rice
N22. 台式素炒 (油麵/刀削麵+$1/米粉/飯) $11.25
Vegetarian fried noodle (Egg noodle/sliced noodle+ $1 rice vermicelli/egg fried rice)
N23. 台式沙茶炒油麵 (牛/羊(+$1)/豬/雞/海鮮) $12.25
Taiwanese style fried egg noodle with satay Sauce (beef/lamb(+$1)/pork/chicken/seafood)