A1. 滷大腸 $6.95
Marinated pork intestine
A2. 滷豆干 $5.75
Marinated dried tofu
A3. 滷牛肚 $6.95
Marinated beef tripe
A4. 滷牛筋 $6.95
Marinated beef tendon
A5. 滷海帶 $5.75
Marinated seaweed
A6. 滷蛋 $4.50
Marinated egg
A7. 二拼/三拼 (A1-A6) $10.95/14.25
Two/Three items from marinated dishes (A1-A6)
A8. 台式/韓式泡菜炸豆腐 $8.25
Deep fried tofu with Taiwanese style pickled cabbage/Korean Kimchi
A9. 椒鹽臭豆腐/炸臭豆腐 $9.25
Stir fried spicy salty deep fried stinky tofu / deep fried stinky tofu
A10. 椒鹽豆腐 $8.75
Stir fried spicy salty deep fried tofu
A11. 炸魷魚鬚 $8.75
Deep fried squid tentacles
A12. 燙青菜(含肉燥)/ 炒青菜 (A菜/上海白菜/高麗菜/百加利/豆芽菜) $(BOILED/燙)7.95 (STIR-FRIED)13.95
Boiled Vegetable with minced pork sauce / Stir-Fried (A choy/Shanghai bok choy/cabbage/ broccoli/bean sprout)
A13. 台式泡菜 $6.50
Taiwanese style pickled cabbage
A14. 風沙雞翅 (6隻) $8.50
Deep fried ginger flavour chicken wingettes (6pcs)
A15. 酥炸杏鮑菇 $8.50
Deep Fried Abalone Mushroom with basil