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No. 1 Beef Noodle Menu

Enjoy our best authentic Taiwanese Cuisine!
N1 Special home style beef shank noodle soup 15.25
N2 Tendon & beef shank noodle soup 16.50
N3 Mix beef noodle soup 16.75
N4 Beef shank & tomato noodle soup 16.00
N5 Wontons & beef shank noodle soup 16.75
N6 House special beef noodle soup 17.25
N7 Wonton noodle soup 14.50
N8 Preserved cabbage with shredded (pork/fish)noodle soup 13.75
N9 Laksa seafood noodle soup 16.75
N10 Hot & sour noodle soup 14.50
N11 Traditional Taiwanese lamb meat thick soup with egg noodle/on rice (+$1) 15.75
N12 Chu-Hou (braised beef/mixed beef) noodle soup/on rice (+$1) 17.75
N13 Laksa noodle soup with (1) side item 13.00
N13a Laksa noodle soup 13.00
N14 Plain noodle soup with (1) side item 10.25
N14a Plain noodle soup 10.25
N15 Meat sauce noodle 13.75
N16 Beef shank noodle w/ spicy marinated sauce 15.25
N17 Taiwanese style stir-fried rice vermicelli 16.00
N18 Singapore style stir-fried rice vermicelli 17.50
N19 Vegetarian stir-fried noodle/rice 15.00
N20 Taiwanese style stir-fried noodle with satay Sauce 17.00
N21 Taiwanese style stir-fried noodle 17.00
N22 House special stir-fried sliced noodle 17.00
N23 Korean kimchi stir-fried sliced noodle 17.50
N31 Soy Sause Chow Mian 17.00
N32 Satay Beef Soup with Instant Noodle 13.75
N33 Raohe street satay with mix seafood / Cuttlefish & squid / Squid noodle in thick soup 16.75
A1 Taiwanese style pickled cabbage 7.50
A2 Deep fried tofu w/ Taiwanese style pickled cabbage/korean kimchi 11.75
A3 Stir fried spicy salty deep fried tofu 12.00(Small)
A4 Deep fried stinky tofu w/ Taiwanese style pickled cabbage 12.00
A5 Stir fried spicy salty deep fried stinky tofu 12.25(Small)
A6 Deep fried squid tentacles 11.25
A7 Deep fried ginger flavour chicken winglettes 11.25
A8 Deep Fried Abalone Mushroom with basil 11.25
A9 Marinated pork intestine 9.00
A10 Marinated dried tofu 7.00
A11 Marinated beef tripe 10.75
A12 Marinated beef tendon 10.75
A13 Marinated seaweed 7.00
A14 Marinated egg 5.75
A15 Marinated Platter (A9-A14)
A16 Boiled Vegetable with minced pork sauce 10.25
A16a Plain stir-fried vegetable with minced pork sauce 17.00
A16b Stir-fried with garlic and vegetable with minced pork sauce 17.00
D1 Wontons in chili sauce 13.00
D2 ShangHai style pork dumpling 12.50
D3 ShangHai sticky rice shumai w/ ground pork 12.50
D4 Deep fried /Steamed mini buns 7.50
D5 Steamed vegetable dumplings 10.25
D6 Deep fried vegetable spring rolls 8.75
R1 Ground pork sauce on rice 7.25(mini)
R2 Ground pork sauce & sausage on rice 14.25(single)
R3 Hainanese chicken 12.25(single)
R4 Traditional deep fried pork chop 11.25(single)
R5 Crispy boneless chicken leg 11.25(single)
R6 Crispy salty peppery chicken 11.25(single)
R7 Old fashion fish nuggets 11.25(single)
R8 Deep fried ginger flavour chicken winglettes 11.25(single)
R9 Tainan shrimp paste roll 12.25(single)
R10 Deep fried squid tentacles 11.25(single)
R11 Taiwanese style sausage 11.25(single)
R12 Thai style boneless sesame chicken leg 12.25(single-S)
R13 Ground pork egg fried rice 17.75
R14 Thai style spicy fried rice (inc. shrimp & pork) 17.75
R15 Southern curry egg fried rice(inc. shrimp & pork) / fried noodle with seafood 17.75
R16 Sakura shrimp with prawns and egg fried rice 18.75
R17 Soy sauce egg fried rice w/ (1) side item 10.50(single)
R18 Golden egg fried rice 17.75
R19 Korean kimchi egg fried rice 17.75
R20 Black and white sesame egg fried rice 17.75
R21 FuZhou fried rice 18.75
R22 Swirl egg sauce on rice 18.50
R23 Satay on rice 18.50
R38 Truffle Sauce Egg White Fried Rice w/ Prawns 28.00
R39 Egg Fried Rice with Pork Chop 18.75
R40 Raohe street satay with mix seafood / Cuttlefish & squid / Squid rice rice in thick soup 17.75
R41 Deep Fried Tonkatsu 13.25(Single) 19.75(Combo)
R42 Deep Fried Fish Cutlet 10.50(Single) 17.00(Combo)
C1 Seafood congee 13.00(Small)
C2 Sliced fish congee 12.25(Small)
C3 Preserved egg with (minced pork/diced chicken) congee 12.25(Small)
C4 Diced chicken with Chinese mushroom congee 12.25(Small)
C5 Ground beef congee 12.25(Small)
C6 White congee 7.00(Small)
H1 Mixed seafood hot pot 19.50(combo)
H2 Marinated beef hot pot 19.50(combo)
H3 SzeChuan spicy hot pot 19.50(combo)
H4 Northeast sour cabbage hot pot 19.50(combo)
H5 House special mini lamb hot pot 22.00(combo)
S1 Hot and sour soup 13.50(Small)
S2 Wonton soup 14.00(Small)
S3 Night market satay lamb chowder 16.00(Small)
S4 Old fashion deep fried fish nugget with chowder 17.00
S5 Vegetable, tomato & tofu egg drop soup 11.75(Small)
S6 Wontons in beef shank soup 16.00(Small)
S10 Raohe Street Mix Seafood Thick Soup 17.00(Small) 26.00(Large)
S11 Pork Blood and Chitterling Soup 12.75(Small) 19.50(Large)
S12 R3 13.50(Small) 20.25(Large)
Vegetable 15.25
Double 23.50
Triple 26.75