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🍲🥢 Limited Time Only: Taiwan Sponge Gourd is Back!

At No. 1 Beef Noodle, we’ve carefully selected fresh Taiwan Sponge Gourds to craft a variety of signature dishes. Whether it’s the harmonious pairing with clams, the aromatic infusion of ginger slices, or the distinct flavor from dried shrimps, every dish elevates the sweet notes of the sponge gourd. Our newly introduced Taiwanese Style Sponge Gourd & Beef Congee, enriched with black fungus, mushroom, ginger, and peanuts, promises a delightful taste of the gourd’s freshness combined with the perfect harmony of ingredients. And for soup enthusiasts, our Taiwanese Style Ginger and Clam Soup is a must-try.
For those who love to cook, we also offer fresh Taiwan Sponge Gourds for purchase, so you can recreate these delicious dishes at home!
Remember to share with your friends and join us at No. 1 Beef Noodle to savor this seasonal treat of Taiwan Sponge Gourd!👍📲

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