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Slushes at No. 1 Beef Noodle House!

Beat the heat with our delightful assortment of slushes at No. 1 Beef Noodle House! From classic flavors like Mango, Strawberry, and Lychee, to our seasonal Watermelon Slush, and new additions like Grapefruit Slush, we've got a refreshing treat for everyone!  Looking for a twist? Try our Calpis Slush or delicious combinations like Strawberry Mango and Strawberry Blueberry. Or, explore our Grapefruit Calpis Slush for a burst of tangy and sweet flavors!  Don't wait any longer - order now and enjoy a moment of icy bliss in the summer heat! ...

~NEW~Pork Knuckles Combo~ 精緻客家豬腳套餐

京園又又又又又出新品了 【精緻客家豬腳套餐】 還等什麼,試了就知道了,為什麼會是店裡的最暢銷產品了 喜歡還可以直接去隔壁買冷凍帶回家,隨時吃! 不廢話,上內容給你們看: Z1 精緻客家豬腳套餐(含2小菜) Z2 陽春麵配客家豬腳 Z3 陽春湯麵線配客家豬腳 Z4 乾拌麵線(含2小菜)配客家豬腳 Z5 蛋炒飯(含2小菜)配客家豬腳 Z6 白粥(含2小菜)配客家豬腳 T15 三杯豬腳【便當】(只限外帶) 喜歡的小夥伴,我們等你 We have a new items again again again. We hope to bring you a different experience every time. Do not doubt, just try it now! They are all our top sale items. 【Pork Knuckles Combo】 Z1. Pork Knuckles w/rice combo(incl. 2 daily side dishes) Z2. Knuckles w/Plain Noodle Soup Z3. Pork Knuckles w/Thin Vermicelli in Plain Soup Z4. Pork Knuckles w/Dry Thin Vermicelli (incl. 2 daily side dishes) Z5. Pork Knuckles w/Egg Fried Rice(incl. 2 daily side dishes) Z6. Pork Knuckles w/White Congee(incl. 2 daily side dishes) T15. [Bento Box]Three Spice Pork Knuckles with Basil(Take out only ...

Closure notice

Dear customers,   One of the staff at No.1 Beef Noodle House reported some mild symptoms on Wednesday May 12. The employee followed instructions, had a Covid-19 test, and stayed home for quarantine. Unfortunately, his test result came back positive and the employee has stayed home since. Any staff that has come into contact is following BC Health Department's instructions to stay home and quarantine. In the meantime, we have hired a professional firm to deep clean and sanitize the restaurant.   To ensure everyone's safety and well-being, we have decided to close the restaurants for two weeks until June 1st.   The safety of all of our staff and customers is always...