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Monthly Special: Summer Exclusive – Delicious Sponge Gourd Dishes🌟🌱

When the spicy ginger strands of “Stir-Fried Taiwan Sponge Gourd w/ Ginger” meet the crisp sponge gourd of summer, every bite offers simple joy. “Stir-Fried Taiwan Sponge Gourd w/ Dried Shrimp” combines the savory aroma of sautéed dried shrimps with the fresh tenderness of sponge gourd, creating another irresistible summer sensation.
At JY Noodle, we cook these two dishes using unique methods, highlighting the perfect flavors of the sponge gourd. The summer feast for your taste buds is ready; what are you waiting for? Come and taste it now! 🌞🍴🍃

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