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~NEW~Pork Knuckles Combo~ 精緻客家豬腳套餐

京園又又又又又出新品了 【精緻客家豬腳套餐】 還等什麼,試了就知道了,為什麼會是店裡的最暢銷產品了 喜歡還可以直接去隔壁買冷凍帶回家,隨時吃! 不廢話,上內容給你們看: Z1 精緻客家豬腳套餐(含2小菜) Z2 陽春麵配客家豬腳 Z3 陽春湯麵線配客家豬腳 Z4 乾拌麵線(含2小菜)配客家豬腳 Z5 蛋炒飯(含2小菜)配客家豬腳 Z6 白粥(含2小菜)配客家豬腳 T15 三杯豬腳【便當】(只限外帶) 喜歡的小夥伴,我們等你 We have a new items again again again. We hope to bring you a different experience every time. Do not doubt, just try it now! They are all our top sale items. 【Pork Knuckles Combo】 Z1. Pork Knuckles w/rice combo(incl. 2 daily side dishes) Z2. Knuckles w/Plain Noodle Soup Z3. Pork Knuckles w/Thin Vermicelli in Plain Soup Z4. Pork Knuckles w/Dry Thin Vermicelli (incl. 2 daily side dishes) Z5. Pork Knuckles w/Egg Fried Rice(incl. 2 daily side dishes) Z6. Pork Knuckles w/White Congee(incl. 2 daily side dishes) T15. [Bento Box]Three Spice Pork Knuckles with Basil(Take out only ...